Arbenz - Osby

Reflections of the Eternal Line

Florian Arbenz: drums | Greg Osby: sax
A new duo project born out of 20 years of playing together


With their program “Reflections of the eternal line”, Florian Arbenz (CH) and Greg Osby (USA) are breaking new ground.

The musicians are inspired by a recent series of pictures by the renowned Swiss painter Stephan Spicher for their first ever duo program. Spicher’s paintings revolve around the infinite line and the dialogue between red and black. With their expression and power they inspire Arbenz and Osby to reach higher levels of dialogue and improvisation.

Osby’s extended, floating melodies are accompanied by Arbenz’s “powerful and imaginative playing,” and his sophisticated and melodious drumming brings out Osby’s beautiful crystal-clear melodies.

Osby and Arbenz have been playing regularly in various projects since 1998, performing more than 200 concerts around the world together. “Reflections of the eternal line” is a duo program of two wonderfully complementary musicians, who by the way also have their birthday on the same day.


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