Best known for his work with Swiss trio VEIN, drummer Florian Arbenz has toured, recorded and performed with artists including Kirk Lightsey, Greg Osby, Glenn Ferris, Wolfgang Puschnig, Bennie Maupin, Dave Liebman, Rick Margitza, Andy Sheppard, Matthieu Michel, Bruno Rousselet, Michel Benita, Olah Kalman, Tibor Elekes, Oguz Buyukberber and others.

“technical brilliance and controlled passion”

All About Jazz

In classical music Florian has worked as a percussionist in numerous concerts and festivals including Luzerner Festspiele & Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. He has performed with musicians such as Heinz Holliger, Kent Nagano and Paul Sacher and has also staged in solo concerts in Europe and South America. 

“… it is the compositions written by Florian Arbenz that are particularly striking, sounding like a cavalcade, on a higher level, especially when Florian performs his solos”

Kind of Jazz, UK

In 2000 Florian Arbenz received the European Award of Culture supporting his engagement in jazz and classical music.

“Arguably one of the best drummers in Europe ”

David L. Hone, LRPS

VEIN trio

Beside his projects „Convergence“ and „Arbenz – Osby“, Florian is currently touring with VEIN trio, who are working on a new trio-program and a very big project with the NDR Big Band & the Basel Sinfonietta. Andy Sheppard, Dave Liebman and Greg Osby also join the trio on selected tour dates.

What the members of VEIN aim to achieve with their understanding of music is nothing less than the greatest possible balance of their three voices – starting with the way they work out their own compositions and arrangements and going right through to the soloistic parts, fully assigned to all three of them.

The result is a stupendous musical togetherness, packed with surprising melodic, rhythmic and dynamic turns, played with highest precision even in the most complex, distorted and twisted passages of their compositions, arrangements and solos.

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“Vein are complex, diverse, rich in vitality, but also and most importantly, very talented. Their unpretentiousness coupled with a sheer desire to play has to be noted and applauded”

Erminia Yardley



Jammin' in the Children's Corner (Florian Arbenz)

by VEIN feat. Dave Liebman | Jazz Talks

Ode To The Sentimental Knowledge (Florian Arbenz)

by VEIN | The Chamber Music Effect

Summertime for Percussion (George Gershwin)

by Florian Arbenz (solo)

No Change is Strange (Michael Arbenz)

by VEIN feat. Greg Osby | Vote For Vein

The Masquerade Is Over (Magidson/Wrubel)

by Trio "Bizalom"




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