Florian Arbenz

Swiss drummer & bandleader

Perhaps best known for his work with trio VEIN or with American greats Dave Liebman and Greg Osby, Swiss drummer & percussionist Florian Arbenz is on a mission to release 12 albums with 12 different constellations of musicians. 

From his custom-built Hammerstudio in Basel, he brings together both musicians he’s known for years and those that he’s only admired from afar. 

Carefully planned, delicately curated, but ultimately dependent on the inspiration and creativity that the players generate on the day.  November 19th sees the release of Conversation #4 – entitled Vulcanized – featuring Cuban saxophonist Maikel Vistel and legendary French bassist François Moutin.

What The Press Say…

“technical brilliance and controlled passion” – All About Jazz

“… it is the compositions written by Florian Arbenz that are particularly striking, sounding like a cavalcade, on a higher level, especially when Florian performs his solos” – Kind of Jazz, UK

“Arguably one of the best drummers in Europe” David L. Hone, LRPS